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The Best Way to Remove Your Tattoo Through the advances in the laser technology, the tattoos are not necessarily the lifelong commitment which they used to be. But, it is very important to keep in mind that laser tattoo removal actually doesn’t work in the same way for every tattoo or every person. In order to have that realistic expectation on how well the laser treatment can eliminate your tattoo, then you have to consider the different issues described. You should first have a good understanding of the basics of laser technology. This actually utilizes laser beams to breakdown the pigment of the tattoo. If the tattoo ink is broken down into smaller particles, then the natural system of the body would flush the ink out of the system. Because of the manner that the lasers work on your tattoos, some people as well as tattoos make better candidates for laser removal than the others. So many tattoos can actually be removed or its appearance can be reduced significantly with he use of the laser tattoo removal. One thing to consider is when the tattoo was made. If this had been there for many years, then the inks are a lot stronger and what this means is that the tattoo is harder to remove. Due to this, the tattoos which are less than 10 years may respond better to the laser removal treatment.
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You should also know that some colors of your tattoo are actually a lot easier to remove irrespective of when you got your tattoo. The laser beams are actually focusing on the contrasts. If the ink has a darker color, then this is a lot easier to remove. The yellows and the reds are more difficult to remove and may need more treatment sessions as compared to the tattoos with other colors. Moreover, the multicolored tattoo will need different treatment sessions because the different ink colors would respond to different laser wavelengths.
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Another issue to take into consideration is where the tattoo is inked on your body. Those areas with more body fat like the legs, buttocks, arms or the chest should have better removal results unlike the areas with less fat like the ankles or fingers. Lasers want the color contrasts and they also work best in areas where they can find such contrasts. Because of this, the lighter skinned individuals will have better results when it comes to using lasers for removing the tattoos. The color of the ink is also one factor but when the ink is lighter, there is a better contrast regardless of the ink color utilized. Moreover, healthier individuals with stronger immune system get better results. The person who is healthier will need fewer sessions too. A person who has gone for more sessions will encounter many undesirable side effects. If there are fewer sessions, then one won’t experience those side effects.

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