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Food Trucks at Weddings are a Big Hit Weddings and all things associated with weddings tend to depend on the current trend. For some time, brides insisted on having dainty food that was more sculpture than it was food. After that every bride seemed to want comfort food at their wedding. And now the latest trend in wedding reception food is food trucks. Yes, food trucks. You are probably wondering exactly how a food truck fits in at a wedding. It might help if you erased the stereotypical food truck from your mind. Food trucks have definitely evolved. They are no longer places people eat at when they have no other options. Nowadays, trained chefs are dishing out the gourmet grub on these mobile kitchen trailers. There are several food trucks that have legions of loyal customers who are willing to chase their trucks around the city to buy their delicious food. These food trucks 2.0 are drastically different than their predecessors and the customers that frequent these trucks have changed as well. The trucks are trendy, the food is great and the chefs who create the meals have a passion for what they are doing. This has created a sort of food truck culture. There is a new found appreciation for the trucks. So there is no surprise that people are starting to show their love for food trucks in different ways and one of those ways is having them at wedding receptions. They really make an outdoor wedding fun and guests love them.
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Of course it is still a wedding so you need add some special touches. Usually people create a special menu for their wedding. No matter how fancy the food truck, they still have to stick to food truck expectations which means the food has to be good but simple enough to eat whiles standing up. So the menu changes aren’t usually drastic. Serving guests baked Alaska is probably out of the question. But of course, if that is what people wanted they probably wouldn’t want a food truck in the first place.
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Food trucks can also be decorated to some degree. The usual dinnerware can be swamped for something that fits the occasion a little better. There are many things that can be done to make the food truck extra special for the big day. If getting a food truck for a wedding sounds like something you would be interested in, it will be necessary in most cases to rent the food truck for the entire working day plus pay for the food and any other special request you may have. Paying by the hour may be an option if the food truck is able to resume normal business shortly after catering to you.

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