Succeeding in a Small Business

When I started making jewelry for the beach out of sea glass, pottery and sea shells I didn’t think much about what it would entail. Well, my success happened quickly, which I was thrilled about of course, but I got so caught up in the creation of my crafts I hadn’t thought about the work attached to it.

That was a long time ago now and I have learned how to balance work and creative play. I take the time to do the necessary paperwork. I keep detailed records on an excel spreadsheet. I also have a spreadsheet that lists all of the local craft fairs I attend, their dates for the current year and I also have a reminder on my calendar that gives me a three month notice on each fair to make sure I get the applications filled out in a timely fashion.

I also schedule creative play time. Time to go out and glass and time to create the jewelry. Life is much easier now and I am able to really enjoy my favorite hobby.

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