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Learn How to Bluff in Poker One of the most played and longest played card games is poker. There are few different versions of the game but they all have the same object: to get the best hand or make people believe that you do. There are many different things you have to learn if you want to learn how to play poker. But one part of the game, and arguably the most fun part, is bluffing. You can’t be a good poker player if you don’t know how to bluff. If you continue reading, I’ll tell you what I know. Try bluffing when the odds are high that someone at the table could have a good hand. Of course this can only be done when playing the type of poker where the players can see some of the cards. Five card draw is one example where this tip would be useless. But if you were playing Texas hold ’em and there were three queens being shown on the table, you know that the likelihood of someone having four of a kind is extremely high. Everyone sees the potential for a good hand and this will make the other players more likely to believe that you are the one that has it. And I’m sure you’ve figured out the risk here- someone might actually have the hand that you are pretending to have.
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If you get caught bluffing, players will more than likely call your bet if you attempt to bluff again. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can use this bit of human nature to your advantage if you have a great hand after you have a bluff called because everybody will, in many cases, call your bet believing that you are bluffing once again. And of course you know what that means- more money for you. But if you don’t have the luck of getting a good hand, give the bluffing a rest for a while.
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If you at a table where the limits are low, bluffing probably won’t work out too well. When there isn’t much money involved people are more likely to call your bets just because. I have often heard people, at low limit tables, say that they called a bet just because they wanted to see the cards. That never happens at tables where the stakes are high. Last but not least, you have to watch the other people very closely. You need to study the other players to learn their style of play so that you can determine if and when bluffing is safe. You should also be trying to find their tells. A tell is something a person does that betrays what they are trying to conceal.

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