Drug and Alcohol treatment in Illinois

Chicago, Illinois is a primary transportation and distribution center for prohibited drugs in the Midwest because of its strategic location. There are number of Chicago gangs that distribute marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

Crack cocaine is one of the most abused drugs in the state, especially in Chicago and other cities. The percentage of people who are admitted to treatment facilities for drug and alcohol abuse has increased by 100 percent since the year 1990. This statistic is according to the Alcohol and Substance Abuse of the Office of Illinois.
According to the State Police Department, heroin is the second most popular drug in Illinois. Over the years, sales of the drug have increased dramatically. People from suburban areas frequently abuse this type of drug. Club drugs are also popular in the state. Ecstasy is smuggled from the Netherlands to Chicago where it is carried for street-level distribution. Marijuana is also a widely used drug. Meth is more popular in surrounding states.

There are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Illinois that cater to the needs of residents. There are government-owned centers as well as privately owned facilities. Nonprofit organizations have also set up their own treatment centers to help people cope with addiction.
These facilities offer many types of treatment programs. There are substance abuse treatment for men, drug treatments especially designed for women, specialized drug treatments for teens and mental health and substance abuse treatments. The first stage of recovery is consultation with a medical professional. This will help patients pass the stage of denying that they indeed have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Upon admission, they should be open minded and determined to go through all the activities recommended by the doctors.
All patients who are admitted to a rehabilitation center also need to go through a detoxification program. This will help them get rid of the toxins in their body that are a byproduct of drug and alcohol abuse. This is a medical procedure that should be done with the assistance of a doctor. The process will help the patient maintain good health and bring back their normal bodily functions.
Peer groups are also popular in treatment centers in Illinois. This is when individuals are grouped together to share their own journey towards recovery. These are also support groups that help members stick to their goals. There are also programs that train family members and friends of patients in how to deal with the devastating effects of abuse and addiction.

When choosing a rehab center in Illinois, it is best to check the recovery percentage of the people admitted there. One can also read feedback and testimonials from former patients at the center. Aside from having modern facilities and equipment to facilitate the recovery of patients, they should also have top medical experts who have a wide knowledge base and experience in dealing with drug and alcohol dependency. Counselors should have the genuine care needed to help people get over their addiction and achieve a complete recovery.

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