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Enhancing Brainpower through Taking Nootropics You may have already heard this that the humans are just using 10 percent of their brains. You may have already seen many movies which feature the common canard to transform those ordinary individuals into amazing braniacs and they are able to solve complex math equations without any difficulty, learn new languages and control the other people with their minds. Well, you have certainly seen a movie like this wherein one became a super genius after taking a nootropic drug. So what are nootropics? When you are not so familiar with this, then you must know that this cannot make you have supernatural mental abilities when you take the pill. Nootropics are actually drugs that can help in improving your working memory, your motivation and also your attention and this means that you can get smarter with such drug. But, there is only a small evidence that this is able to improve your IQ overnight. When looking for nootropics, there are various types that you will find. You will be able to see them in the form of food, drugs, supplements and others. The nootropics include many classes of drugs which may have cognitive benefits which include nutraceuticals, stimulants and racetams.
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The stimulants are considered to be the most studied smart drugs. These are utilized to treat the problems with cognitive or motor functions coming from Alzheimer’s disease or ADHD. The medical reviews have actually found certain stimulants to improve mental cognition in the general population but only at low doses or concentrations. Such drugs are really effective when it comes to improving cognitive control, working memory and alertness in those who have a hard time concentrating for a certain period of time. Aside from caffeine, most stimulants are also prescribed to be taken by patients having cognitive impairments. What this means is that they may not provide the desired results in ordinary people who want to have that instant brain boost.
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The nutraceuticals are defined as any kind of foodstuff which are believed to offer health or medicinal benefits. These are really popular in the traditional Chinese and the Hindu medicines. One of the common advantages of this drug is that this can help enhance memory both in accuracy and speed. These supplements are quite effective when taken for a long time since it can take long for the body to adapt to the increased dosage due to tolerance. The racetams, on the other hand, are OTC cognitive enhancers. This can help improve cognitive function without acting as a stimulant or a sedative. Its mechanism of action is not that clear though but the researchers know that this drug can increase blood flow as well as oxygen consumption in some areas of the brain.

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